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Crowd Pleasing New Ice Cream Flavoring for Gourmet Taste at Home

Posted by Cricket Creek on

LorAnn has introduced a NEW Flavor in their ice cream flavorings line up! If you are a fan of the Cake Batter Flavor Fountain product then you are going to LOVE the new Chocolate Cake Batter Flavor Fountain. Flavor Fountain is a unique line of ready-to-use gourmet flavorings specially created for home-made ice-cream makers, shakes and smoothies. Flavor Fountain flavors can also be used for baking and are similar in strength to LorAnn's Bakery Emulsions.

Quick and Easy: Start with any standard 1-quart vanilla ice cream, shake or smoothie recipe and add 1 tablespoon Flavor Fountain along with your other ingredients.

Who's ready for some Chocolate Cake Batter Ice Cream for dessert tonight? Head to Cricket Creek to scoop up some Chocolate Cake Batter and other yummy ice cream flavorings.

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